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EZProxify This

Like many libraries, Trinity College’s Information Services uses EZ Proxy, a service that provides users access to the library’s various electronic subscriptions, no matter where you are.

Joelle Thomas, our user engagement librarian, built a handy little bit of Javascript that takes any link and gives you a version that points at the EZ Proxy server. So you grab a link, paste it into her EZProxifier, and you get a version, suitable for putting in Moodle or wherever, that students can use to access things from home. It’s swell.

One of our subscriptions is The Washington Post, and unlike the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or Financial Times, it’s dependent on EZ Proxy rather than user accounts. On campus or on my laptop, this is no big deal, but it’s a little annoying on a mobile device, which is where I read most social media stuff.

So I built a dumb little shortcut, called EZ Proxy This Link, which simplifies the process a little: When you invoke iOS’s Share Sheet for any link, you can select “EZ Proxy This Link,” which copies the URL and opens Joelle’s EZPRoxifier in Safari. You just paste the link in, and are on your way.

For maximal convenience, I’ll need to figure out a few more steps: how to have the shortcut know where to paste the URL and do so automatically^; grab my password out of my password manager, and paste it into EZ Proxy’s Shibboleth authentication. But this is a decent start!

^ I think it will probably be easier to just grab Joelle’s piece of Javascript and have the shortcut apply it directly, but we’ll see.