The Salt-Box More fidgety than expected


The title of this site comes from Dickens’s Great Expectations, via the buffoonish Mr. Pumblechook:

A man needn’t go far to find a subject, if he’s always ready with his salt-box.

It has always seemed like a useful, and usefully humbling, image for a blog. There was a previous incarnation of this at another site, but it’s been mothballed.

Since June 2013, I have been the director of educational technology now Research, Instruction, Technology at Trinity College in Hartford; for the decade prior to that, I taught Victorian literature at CCSU, where I was eventually promoted to full professor. I also used to be the president of the faculty union there. On the internet, I used to write for Bookslutand Geekdad, and George Williams and I co-founded ProfHacker, which has been a going concern for a startlingly long time in internet years.

I do have some other accounts that might be interesting: